Monday, May 16, 2016

The Shangrila Style Spectrum 2016 | Summer Silhouettes

Summer may soon be over but with Manila's weather, these looks can be worn any time of the year.

Shang's annual fashion event features the latest looks from our fave stores and here are some of the men's trends.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

How to walk like a model | Runway guide for male models


So I’ve been working in the modeling industry for almost three years now and I always wanted to write about guides for my new and upcoming models to help them through their first go-sees especially that most of the time they experience it first-hand without any practice or workshop.

Today, I am forced to write tips for male model walking since one of my new model needs it.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Trying out McDonald's Glazed Pork BBQ

Me and my friends were eating a lot of McDonald's the past few days so when I saw that they got a new product out - the "McRib", I just have to try it.

So last night, I went to the store on the way home but was surprised that the McRib is only available at selected stores. Well, that didn't stop me so tonight, I finally had my McRib with rice. I originally liked the burger (looking at its salivating picture) but knowing myself, I have to eat rice.

The Glazed Pork BBQ is basically a barbecue sauced-pork patty with rice. At first I was surprised how many onions there were on top of it but turns out they don't taste too strong. If you have eaten a pork spareribs bbq before, then McDonald's Glazed Pork BBQ will totally remind you of that. It tastes like a sweet, Filipino-style barbeque.

Because I was happy with it, I can't wait to try McDonald's McRib soon!

Try McDonald's Glazed Pork BBQ yourself!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trying out KFC's Spanish Salpicao

Ever since KFC launched their new KFC Food Trip, I always wanted to try Spanish Salpicao but for some reason, it's always sold out.

Good thing that at last, I was able to try it tonight for dinner.

Being the food lover that I am, I always look for different taste everytime because same old stuff bores me. So when I knew about KFC's Food Trip, I just got to try 'em all!

I know that this is my first post about KFC Food Trip but I actually tried the other flavors before. It's just this time, I paid more attention to it.

The Spanish Salpicao consists of KFC chicken fun shots, fried rice with Spanish Salpicao sauce, and half egg. I was actually surprised that it comes with free extra rice (which I accepted since I was really hungry that time).

KFC's Spanish Salpicao tastes a bit of a bitter garlic-y to me. I dont know why there's an egg on the meal but I suppose that's what Spanish Salpicao is. The egg tastes like a normal boiled egg, just a bit rare though.

In the end, I'd say KFC's Spanish Salpicao is delicioso! Try it for yourself.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Philippines

Amazing Food, Paradise-like Beaches, Happy People.

I’ve been seeing blog posts about the Philippines from viral sites around the globe. It’s nice to see foreign people write good things about our country but I must admit, it will truly feel genuine when a Filipino writes about the Philippines.

I encounter a lot of foreign people who visit the Philippines and they express how much they appreciate our country. They often compare the Philippines to other countries and this is what makes me realize and appreciate our country more.

1. Filipino hospitality
David Beckham Typhoon Haiyan Unicef (10)

Based on a recent study, Philippines rank Top 8 in The Happiest Countries in the world. This is no surprise to us. Most Filipinos are positive people, they always crack jokes, and generally happy.

In the picture above, David Beckham visited Tacloban days after it was hit by Typhoon Haiyan. But instead of encoutering sad people, he was surprised to meet hopeful and smiling faces.

My foreign friends describe Pinoys as warm and loving people. They come here like it’s freedom whereas being in another country is more of a dreadful experience.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Andrew Garfield returns in the new Spiderman 2 trailer

Spiderman 2 andrew garfield emma stone

Andrew Garfield is back into his Spiderman costume for the latest installment of The Amazing Spiderman 2.

Watch the trailer here:

The film also includes Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx.

Watch out for the Amazing Spiderman 2 to hit US theatres on May 2, 2014!

What do you think of this trailer? Excited to see the movie?

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Excited for Boracay

Boracay Philippines

Last year, I spent my Halloween in Boracay with workmates and it was my best Halloween ever!

Spending vacation time on the white sand beach, partying all night, meeting new people is really what I’m looking forward to again.

But this time, going to Boracay will be a challenge for me because I’m going there ALONE. I haven’t gone to any far place without relatives or friends so this one is gonna be exciting for me.

I’ll be updating my social media pages along the way so will you guys help me out?

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